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A total waste of money

This app is awful. The original iPhone app was excellent. This app is a total piece of garbage. The ball is very difficult to control. The Instructions and choices appear to be errors in the text. When you press on the select ball button you get a page full of black strange looking balls. This app does not appear to be made for an iPad. If I can find a way to get a refund I will do it. A TERRIBLE APP!!!


Would like my money back!

Won't open

It crashes every time I try to open it. Don't buy it.

CRASHES on the iPad PRO

It closes immediately after you open the game.

Crashes on the pro

Won't even open on the iPad pro. Very disappointed

The first version is better

The first version was far superior than this one In this version you cannot move the ball and the ball curves so you can sometimes knock zero pins down when it was First lined up so you could.

Won't even open

When I touch the icon to start the game, screen comes up with just the name of the game -- then disappears and I'm back to my regular home screen

Waste of Money

Do NOT buy this game!!! Just downloaded after paying 3 bucks. Does nothing but crash on my ipad. Piece of crap!!!

Action Bowling HD needs UPDATING!

This "WAS" one of my favorites until you updated it and now crashes upon opening! I even d/l'ed Action Bowling 2 only to see poor graphics (but in your defense, it doesn't say HD) and IAP pay to remove ads, then PAY for the lanes to play on? Sorry folks, but that's not the Kronos company with whom I've been doing business, otherwise it would be 5 stars! Please update this! Thank you!

Fix this game

I paid good money for this app and it was good but now it won't open. I don't know if it's because of ios7. It needs to be fixed and I will take it back to 5 stars

Crashes each time I want to open!!!

I want my money back, this program was not checked for the iPad!!! Every time I want to open the program it crashes!!!

I just wasted 3 bucks

Stupid. Can't do anything.

Bad on iPad !!

I have this app on my iPhone and love it. We just got a new iPad so this was one of the first apps I bought for it. It is a waste of money for the iPad so don't bother. I am so frustrated and disappointed that I would like a refund! In lieu of a refund, I want to warn others not to buy it or assume it is like the one for the iPhone. I will not play it until there is an upgrade or get tired of seeing it and delete. The ball takes weird turns no matter where you place the ball. It can be moving down the alley straight on and take a twist and go in the gutter. Buy another WORKING app.

Bowling Addict

This has the potential to be the best bowling game. But the physics Don't work correctly. The ball curves even if thrown straight. The ball travels through pins. Some pins travel through other pins.

Worse on an ipad

The developers must have given up on the ipad version of this game. I loved it on my iPod touch but it is so erratic on the ipad. No control whatsoever, curves and hooks are random. There is no way you can have any skill on the game because its too erratic. Graphics are nice but who cares if you can't really play the game. A waste of $3.


Screen lacks responsiveness. No action on ball. Curves don"t work properly. Worst bowling game I have ever downloaded and a waste of 2.99. Don't throw your money away.

Simply the best

If you love bowling even a little this is a must have app. I love the control, the physics, the graphics, the speed of this game. When you make a good shot you know why, when you make a bad shot you know why. You can't say that about a lot of bowling apps.


It's kind of hard to control.


Sometimes a "flick"is not detected, then the slightest touch triggers a roll ( into the gutter). The flicks are not reproducible. A flick that produces a fast roll in one frame subsequently produces a slow roller.

whats going on

paid for it but never got it

Worth the Upgrade from Free Version

I used to play the free iPhone/iPod Touch app of this game before (it worked on my iPad by the way). But upgrading to this was defenetly the right choice because the HD Display is phonominal, you get to choose from many different balls and bowlings allies, and you can play up to 4 players. If your thinking of upgrading from the free version to this (whether the iPad version, or the iPhone & iPod Touch Version), it's worth it because you'd have a lot of fun playing with it.

Bowling Alley Brought To Life

With many different bowling ball choices and alleys. This game has no limits. Very fun to play. Highly recommended.

Great it

This is by far one of the best apps I have found if you enjoy bowling. The graphics are great, beautiful lanes, and you have the ability to customize it to your specifications. Great job with this app. You will not be disappointed. Well worth the price! Thank you, Tricia East Brunswick

Version 2.0.0 soon PLEASE

For those of you who want to pay for this game try the free one. It's better!!! To find out what is wrong read the low rating reviews. This is a great game in need of a serious revamp. In my view ball control settings and remembering players settings are the big issues. I'm waiting for an upgrade before I play it again.


Good game. Only problem it doesn't load on the 1st touch. Reverts back to the desktop. Sometimes requires several touches to get to the game.

Serious glitch!

I bought the old version of this game & really liked it. Since buying an iPad I thought wow this HD version will be really sweet to have. First off you can't even adjust the curve of the ball which is a MAJOR problem. The old one you can adjust it to curve,straight ect. This is very helpful to when playing this game. Also the ball jumps around alot not very realistic when you play it. You can't custom the ball only use preset patterns you could do that with the old one however, now that seems to be a problem with the old version now to. Don't waste your money on this I wish I didn't.

A Few Changes

I like this game a lot, but very often the ball curves when i'm sure that I flicked straight. Other than that I like how simple the game is, and the pin physics are far more accurate than games like Strike Knight.

This is a fun game.

The game overall is fun. I get frustrated when the game suddenly slows down, causing the ball to go into the gutter. I also do not like that you have to select your ball again each time you play. It would also be nice if the game saved your stats. Even with the few things that bother me about the game, I play it a lot and have fun playing.

Good so far, some suggestions

So far, I'm enjoying the game. It's beautiful in it's simplicity, and the physics of the pins seems to be pretty close to reality. The control of the ball does take some getting used to; sometimes it appears to do what it wants even if you're sure you've flicked it down the lane correctly. There are some flaws which need to be addressed. First and foremost, the game completely resets everything when you exit the app. Scores and customizations are not retained. Second, the pin detection can be a little "janky" (technical term) sometimes. Pins that are left up vanish from the lane, while sometimes pins that are knocked down will re-appear on the lane. Please add these changes to a future version and you will get a higher rating. Work in progress!

Does not save...

Compared to the iPod touch version this stinks... Does not save settings, stats or anything. Also way too often the ball waits until the last second then turns to go gutter.

Excellent Game

I have never had any problems with this game. Smooth game play and good graphics. Nicely done!

Geat game

This is a really great game. My only complaint is that occasionally when I knock a pin down, the game does not recognize that the pin was down. Even if the pin disappears from the lane. Great game otherwise.

DOES NOT WORK - Crashes on startup consistently.

Title says it all, first app I've ever purchased that simply does not run. I'd wait for an update (with more positive reviews) if you're planning on purchasing it.

It kept crashing on my iPad

On my new iPad, I could only get the screen to say "loading" than it went blank -- must have crash. Please fix the bug.

Awesome Realistic Gameplay!

More realistic than the iPhone version. Been playing with it on the iPhone for a while. Great replay value. Nice to have it in a large format. I only have one request. Can we have a lane step so that two people can play at the same time head-to-head?

Better than the iPhone version

I have the iPhone version of this game and I love the game. This version is actually better. The backgrounds look awesome in HD. The new way of bowling is also better and more natural. It is actually much harder to get a strike with this version which makes the game more challenging for me. Is the game worth 5 bucks? Well, since the other bowling games on the iPad is not nearly as good as this one (10 pins shuffle doesn't count. I love that game too but it is a shuffle board game and not a real bowling game), it was worth my hard earned cash.

Crashes and burns

The animated logo, which is a brief movie that cannot be removed from the start of the game, frequently causes a crash; the screen goes to gray and no advancement is possible into the game. The game itself, on the rare occasions when I could access it, was terrible. Control of the bowling ball is the worst implementation I've experienced on any iDevice bowling game. After trying this game a few times, I found a way to bowl strikes consistently. This was mildly fun at first, but when I realized that this was a foolproof way of getting strikes the fun quickly faded. I hope that I've just saved you $4.99.

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